We enable businesses to unlock employee financial wellbeing as a driver of engagement and productivity

In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, employee engagement and productivity are recognised as key drivers of business performance. Just as employee engagement goes hand in hand with employment satisfaction, high levels of stress can have a real impact on individual performance and productivity.

According to recent reports published by Safe Work Australia and the Australian Psychological Society, mental stress costs Australian businesses over $10 billion per year in lost productivity. This includes an average of over three days lost per employee. And of all the causes of stress, financial issues have a higher impact than any other, with 52% of Australians reporting it as a cause of stress.

At Stephen Financial Solutions, we exist to enable business to unlock employee financial wellbeing as a driver of engagement and productivity. Simply put, people who are in control of their own financial situation are happier and able to make a more productive contribution at work.

Stephen Financial Solutions is a business partner that helps to transform your 9.5% compulsory superannuation expense. We turn the obligation into potential. We unlock its effectiveness as an employee benefit. We enable engagement and productivity.

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We offer specialised support for business, its leaders and staff

A higher standard of corporate superannuation advice and service is just one layer of our offer. Deeper value comes from the specialised care we provide to the business’ senior executives and staff. This is where we begin to transform superannuation obligation into opportunity.

Senior executives have demanding and important jobs. We understand their challenge is often to find the time and motivation to properly manage their personal wealth potential.  Leaders need special treatment. We help set objectives, work collaboratively to develop a tailored strategic solution, execute the agreed plan and handle all administration. Our advice is impartial and extends beyond only financial products. The aim is to create time, relieve pressure, achieve financial control and develop greater confidence in an individual’s financial position. This part of our service is a key difference that wins Stephen Financial Solutions plaudits time and time again.

For staff, financial stress is a barrier to the highest levels of work performance. Happier people are more productive.  Individually tailored advice helps people to deal with issues, overcome stress and achieve a level of confidence in their current financial situation and future wealth. This is all provided is a safe environment with absolute assurance of confidentiality.

We’re all the things you don’t think about corporate financial advisers

Stephen Financial Solutions is vastly different to other corporate financial advisers and the typical view of what a financial adviser is.  First and foremost, our difference comes from being independent, impartial and transparent. We are unencumbered by conflicts of interest generated by commissions. This point alone changes the level of trust and dynamics in every relationship.

  • We develop understanding and insights that guide strategically focused solutions, each uniquely tailored to the individual business circumstance.
  • We’re highly engaged, creative and proactive in solving problems and unlocking opportunities.
  • We apply professional expertise and work hard on maintaining positive relationships with the business, its employees and all levels of management.
  • We’re hands-on, dependable managers who get things done.
  • We provide efficient administration of superannuation and insurance.
  • We develop corporate and leadership knowledge of superannuation legislation, lead best practice implementation, and identify opportunities and risks that help our clients to make better decisions.
  • We take on the financial care of senior leadership and employees, always focused on answering their unique opportunities and challenges.

About Stephen Financial

Stephen Financial Solutions’ genesis dates back to 2002, when Jonathan Stephen observed the increasing complexity of managing personal finances and the resulting stress for people as they tried to navigate the challenges. The company was founded from a belief that trusted advice, expertise and planning are tools that empower people to live full, free and generous lives. This principle applies equally to corporates as it does to personal clients, because a business is fundamentally the sum of its individuals. From its inception, Stephen Financial Solutions has served both corporations and individuals and seen that as a business cares for its people, its people will care for the business.