We listen to you

We don’t assume that we know what is valuable and important to you and we know that everyone is different. So we take the time to explore your competing interests, to understand which goals are your highest priority and find out what really makes you come alive. We help you to make decisions and solve the problems that are standing in the way of where you want to go.

We Solve Your Problems

Everyone has different financial problems holding them back from getting to where they want to go. Click to see a list of the common ones we solve for people:

I want to build my wealth
Financial wealth creates freedom to enjoy life, achieve dreams and retire in comfort. Our wealth creation solutions focus your wealth building into achievable goals with clearly defined, measurable outcomes. We make sure that every aspect of your circumstances has been carefully considered and properly attended to, including budgeting, superannuation, insurance and taxation. We balance the risks you need to take with the goals that you want to achieve. And we provide that peace of mind that comes from know that you are always putting your best foot forward.
I know I have too many super funds. How do I consolidate?

We can compare the funds you have to each other and contrast each one to leading products in the market place. We will give you a detailed account of the fees you are paying, the insurance you currently hold and if there are any fees charged for leaving a fund. We will then recommend a product suitable for you and select an investment strategy that is personally tailored to your goals. And best of all we will fill in all the paperwork required to make it all happen.
I am not sure about insurance. What protection can I get and is it valuable?

We tailor protection strategies to your circumstances to ensure that unforeseen events don’t have debilitating financial consequences. We will consider your unique personal situation and the value you place on insurance and build a strategy that is right for you. We recommend insurance from a large range of product providers balancing the quality of cover with the most affordable premiums and we structure your insurance to minimise tax and reduce the impact on your cash flow. We also take the stress out of the application process by providing you with the correct forms to fill out, by pre-filling your insurance applications and following each application through until completion.
I have a difficult financial decision to make. How can I weigh my options?

Some financial questions are difficult to answer, such as:
 •   When will I have accumulated enough for a house deposit?
 •   Can I afford my mortgage and meet all my other commitments?
 •   Should I buy an investment property or invest in shares?
 •   How much will I need in retirement and when can I retire?
 •   Should I be salary sacrificing or investing outside of super?
We have become experts at answering these questions and have developed many tools to assist in you in your decision making including comprehensive financial models that will enable you to compare each of your financial decisions by “holding all other things equal”. Our models are extremely detailed, flexible and sophisticated and will give you peace of mind that you are making the best financial decision possible, with the information available.
I have heard there are ways to use my super more effectively and I want to know more.

On the one hand, superannuation is a complex, highly regulated investment vehicle that can be hard to understand. One the other hand, superannuation is a valuable investment vehicle that can be used to build and store long term wealth. We can draw on years of experience as well as sound technical advice that will allow you to maximise all the advantages of superannuation. We can provide advice on superannuation investment, pensions, Self Managed Super Funds, salary sacrificing, Transition to Retirement strategies, the taxation of different contribution types and long term retirement planning.
I want to be able to manage my money better and maybe I need a budget

Creating a budget and managing cash flow are financial disciplines that are foundational to long term wealth creation and preservation. We have developed tools and strategies to make it easy for you to manage your money and we will provide you with the education, encouragement and accountability to enable you to get ahead.
I want to transfer my assets from overseas: UK pensions, KiwiSaver accounts and international investment portfolios

We are experts on the transfer for UK and New Zealand pensions and international investment portfolios. We can provide advice regarding the taxation and regulatory issues involved in cross border transfer of these assets and provide recommendations on suitable products within Australia that can receive and adequately report on these investments for compliance purposes.
I want to explore the usefulness of a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) and I have heard that they can be used to invest in property

We can provide advice on the establishment and appropriate structure of Self-Managed Super Funds. We can ensure that you are making the most of recent changes in legislation and investment trends, and will work with your accountant to maximise the benefit you are receiving from your SMSF. We can also provide advice on investment, insurance, estate planning and risk management within your fund.

We create Generosity

We know we have done our job well when our clients have more than they need. In our experience, when our clients have more than enough they naturally start helping those around them. And so we see overflowing generosity as a natural outcome of a successful financial planning relationship.